Born in Commerce is a social enterprise that is part of the ideaborn group, together with the ideaborn Foundation and the ideaborn consultancy firm. The three work from different perspectives in order to strengthen the Rule of Law, Peace and Good Governance. Born in Commerce aims to promote the knowledge and use of international trade rules. It has a specific approach to using the incentive of access to foreign markets in order to promote the acquisition of international standards in the cycle of production of goods in emerging economies. It promotes compliance with international standards in the workplace, in the field of gender equality and environmental protection, by supporting governments and companies in their practical knowledge and application.


To facilitate contact between small and medium-sized producers from emerging markets and different services they require to successfully sale their goods in  Europe an in the United States. To support the private  and government sectors of emerging economies in their efficient use of international trade laws.  To use the access to international trade as tool to adquiere international  labor and environmental standards in the production of services and goods.


In 2025 Born in Commerce will consolidate its position as a useful company in helping transport to domestic law and the dissemination of international trade rules and standards. It will also have established itself as a bridge to facilitate access to the US and European markets for small and medium-sized enterprises, helping them to achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability. Born in Commerce donates one third of its net profit to two entities:

An entity headquartered in Washington DC, which aims at preventing violence and criminality and access to restorative justice for young people in conflict with the law on the territory of the two Americas, from Alaska to Patagonia.

We are an entity headquartered in Barcelona, and ​​our aim is to promote the knowledge, respect and effective exercise of human rights and fundamental freedoms.