Thinking about strengthening the private and public sectors, we offer assistance and support in our four areas of work.

Legal Area

Comercial Area

Accreditation Area

Social and Environmental Area

Development of laws, regulations and strategic plans to promote international trade

At Born in Commerce, we work to promote good governance and transparency in trade. To do this, we support legislative development in emerging economies, collaborating with state institutions to bring legal frameworks up to international standards, and facilitating dialogue between the public and private sectors to encourage increased international trade.

Services provided

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Analysis of the scope of trade agreements ratified by the beneficiary country and the existing institutional capacities to implement them.

Organization and management of public and private sector stakeholder working groups to identify existing or potential impediments to implementing national and international trade frameworks.

Proposition of development of new laws, statutes, procedures, and road maps to address the root causes of reduced trade opportunities identified in focus group analyses.

Design and implementation of training sessions for public and private sector stakeholders to maximize the utility of the international trade legal framework to the country’s private sector.

Identification and contracting of commercial services in the United States and the European Union

The opening of international markets is a tool for economic growth, encouraging more and better-working conditions. For Born in Commerce, expanding to new markets in the US and the EU is an opportunity to introduce innovation, design, and good quality products developed in emerging economies to new buyers.

Services provided

We offer identification and, if required, contracting of the following services: 

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Commercial agents and sellers to help identify clients in US and EU markets.

Customs and Cargo Agents for the management of goods entry into the EU and US and handling of tax procedures in ports and airports.

Transport agencies for shipping goods once inside the US and EU.

Storage facility identification and contracting.

Legal advisory services for the preparation of contracts with US and EU companies

Advisory services for tax management and capital repatriation from the US and EU to the country of origin.

Preparation for necessary accreditations to export

Born in Commerce supports the design and implementation of strategic plans to ensure that goods and services receive the necessary accreditations in order to export to the EU and the US.

Services provided

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Identification of sector-specific accreditations to export to the US and the EU.

Preparation of production alignment plans to ensure accreditation.

Support services to ensure the implementation of alignment plans.

Processing and accompaniment of the accreditation process with appropriate US and EU agencies.

Responsible planning of the exploitation of natural resources

Born in Commerce seeks to advise and support private sector stakeholders involved in the extraction of natural resources on identifying, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating corporate social and environmentally responsible investments towards the preservation of cultural values ​​and the progressive improvement of the quality of life of the communities living in areas of intervention, often remote from urban centers. We also support similar processes to improve environmental protections, especially access to and protection of safe drinking water.

Services provided

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We work with public and private companies in the mining, oil, gas, forestry, hydroelectric sectors. We identify collateral investments to the main one related to social development and the preservation of the natural habitat and the cultural heritage of local communities.

Work with communities living in natural resource extraction areas to identify their needs and document social and cultural heritage that requires support and protections.

Development of sustainable social and environmental investment proposals tied to the business cycle of the investment in the extraction of natural resources.

Establishment of mechanisms for measuring, monitoring, and evaluating agreements between private sector and local communities.