Consultants in international trade

Helping business access to international markets.

Get advice from the best.

We are prepared to offer you all the services in our four areas:


Development of laws, regulations and strategic plans to promote international trade


Preparation of the necessary accreditations to export.


Identification and contracting of commercial services in the United States and the European Union


Identificación de inversión local y comunitaria para empresas extractoras de recursos naturales.

What do we do?

We work with the public and private sector of emerging economies to develop legislation, regulations, and agreements to facilitate the effective use of international trade rules by local companies. We also support the design and implementation of strategic plans to ensure that goods and services receive the necessary accreditations in order to export to the European Union (EU) and the United States (US).

Finally, we promote and design corporate social responsibility initiatives to identify and implement investments that seek to preserve cultural heritage, improve local communities’ living conditions and protect and rehabilitate natural habitats where mining, forestry, oil, gas, and hydroelectric exploitation sectors are active.

In addition, we help companies identify support services to successfully export to those key regions, from contracts of transportation and storage of goods to payment processing and tax filings related to their operations in both markets.

Men weighing merchandise. Terracotta amphora painted by Taleides (540-530 B.C.). Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York). Photograph taken by Marie-Lan Nguyen.